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"You have a fantastic eye. . ." Sue Campbell, editor, North East Life magazine, England

NEWSFLASH!!!  Bill Taylor's first novel, THE DEVIL'S FIST, is now available on Amazon as an e-book for Kindle readers. A steal at around $3. For those who don't have Kindles, a free download is available for most computers, tablets and handhelds.
Bill Taylor is a journalist by profession, a photographer by choice. His pictures, primarily black and white, embrace a wide variety of styles. He works, wherever possible, with available light and does not PhotoShop images.

His journalistic photography appears mainly in the Toronto Star. He has had several exhibitions, including one in which the images were printed on aluminum sheets.

Portfolio images change regularly, usually a few at a time every 500 hits. And, of course, everything is for sale, including some printed on hand-made paper, 8 inches by 6. Prices on request.

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Tajine ~ Bill Taylor's Morocco 

A 98-page photographic tour in hard- or soft-cover or as an e-book


a hard place to leave... Bill Taylor's Paris

An 88-page photographic love-story in hard- or soft-cover or as an e-book 

dressed for spring - more of Bill Taylor's Paris

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